Dec 1, 2022

What You Should Expect of Your Financial Advisor/Fund Manager

— As with most things in life, the journey to financial freedom requires a partner that can offer support, comfort and a fresh or distinctive perspective.

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By Precious Chukwuemeka

From early on, most people develop an unhealthy relationship with money -  

  • fear that they might not have enough of it to live comfortably or having to do more to earn more, 

  • resentment that there is never enough, or it is unavailable when needed to solve certain problems, 

  • an obsession to get more money, quick and any way, 

  • shame because they do not have as much as you would like, compared to others, 

  • or guilt for spending excessively 


All these can make talking about finances an uncomfortable topic to broach with family and, most especially, strangers.


As with most things in life, the journey to financial freedom requires a partner that can offer support, comfort, and a fresh or distinctive perspective. It becomes even more necessary when the average person, without prior formal instruction, must simultaneously learn and manage their personal finances (budgeting, savings, investments, etc.). 

If you are at a point where you have limited or no access to a wealth of information on making and keeping money, or if you are having difficulty making head or tail of the information, let alone applying it, or if you are practicing but not seeing the best results, it may be time to work with a financial advisor. 


A financial advisor is simply a professional individual or firm that has the financial expertise and tools to advise clients on money management, personal finance, and investment moves. A client might go a step further and engage the services of a fund manager whose responsibility is to specifically make investment moves on behalf of the client. 


Before you start counting all the coins you might have to drop to get a financial advisor, these are the major expectations you should have of your financial advisor or fund manager: 



Above all requirements, this is a key trait you should require of your financial advisor or fund manager. Communication between the client and financial expert is expected from both parties: the client should inform the expert of his or her financial goals and risk preferences; the expert, in turn, should offer customized information or services that accommodate or empower the client. Some of these customized information or services could include market performance and updates, investment opportunities and strategies, etc.

A Good Balance of Expertise and an Understanding of the Client:

It should go without saying that your financial expert should have certain qualifications or prerequisite licenses (like an SEC regulation) that give credence to their experience level and reliability. Beyond educational qualifications, your financial expert should be able to effectively balance their potentially superior knowledge with a willingness to listen to your needs and be assertive when needed. 


Fiduciary Trust:

As stated above, engaging the services of a financial advisor does not strip you of control over your money. The point of any financial expert is to make your financial journey easier with informed research and decisions, sometimes on your behalf. It is important that your advisor or fund manager be someone whose judgment you can defer to or trust to act in your best interest, and, in the same vein, it is the prerogative of your expert to earn your trust. 


Remember, the journey to financial freedom is a process, and the more empowering the hand supporting you is, the easier it gets. We offer you more than premium investment products. GDL also offers you financial advisory and financial planning services that aim to ease your mind about the financial decisions that await you on your journey. 


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