GDL Insurance Brokerage

GDL Insurance Brokerage services are categorized under 3 broad headings:
- Insurance Brokerage
- Reinsurance Brokerage
- Consultancy

Insurance Brokerage

At GDL, we offer quality insurance Brokerage services to clients in key economic areas at both personal and corporate levels. A vast majority of individuals or companies have inadequate knowledge of insurance, the insurance market, insurers, the products/policies and practices.

Leveraging a rich knowledge and experience of the workings of the insurance market, we are able to arrange the most suitable policies for our individual or corporate clients. We seamlessly intermediate with no allegiance to any insurance carrier between prospective or existing clients and insurance companies.

At GDL, our value proposition include management of risk, protection against risk and reduction in exposure to risks of business disruption, injury and death through sound insurance advice. The risks of business and industries however complex must be understood. We arrange insurance coverage for all risks irrespective of size or complexity. Whatever your business our sound advice is founded on unrivalled experience.

The Insurance Brokerage services we offer include but not limited to the following:

  • Effective assessment of the risk profile of clients via information gathering

  • Provision of professional advice to clients on their insurance needs

  • Designing tailor made insurance policies/packages for clients

  • Selection and Recommendation of insurers

  • Negotiating very competitive premiums and policy terms with insurers

  • Claims administration and processing to ensure prompt settlement

  • Advising and updating clients on market developments

  • Risk Management

Reinsurance Brokerage

Reinsurance is critical to helping insurance companies underwrite risk profitably, while preserving or enhancing capital strength and ratings. GDL provides its clients with integrated solutions and services thereby helping our clients better differentiate their services and meet their business objectives.

With an understanding of the importance of maintaining access to the widest range of rated and quality reinsurers and other solutions providers worldwide, we have developed global market based contacts to enhance our leverage and knowledge in achieving these industry-wide expectations while maintaining our reputation for integrity.


GDL offers a wide range of consultancy services covering the following areas;

  • Insurance audits

  • Risk management

  • Claims recoveries

  • Insurance market analysis

  • Insurers’ financial analysis

  • Life and pensions


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