What is the full meaning of GDL?


Growth and Development Asset Management Limited

Who is GDL


Growth and Development Asset Management Limited (GDL) is a non bank financial institution licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to serve as Broker/Dealer (Stockbroking Services), Portfolio and Fund Managers.

Can I have some additional cover or assurance on the safety of my funds?


We can assure you that your funds are safe, we have grown significantly over the last 5years and total funds under management is over 5 Billion, we also have good corporate governance and risk

management framework with a stable, experienced Board and Management.

You can also invest in our money market which is as safe as funds in the Bank. All the assets of the Fund are held by the Custodian, UBA Plc (Global Custodian Services). UBA is a large systemically significant Tier 1 Bank.

The custody arrangement completely precludes the Fund Manager and all other parties

from access to the assets of the Fund. The fund also has an BBB investment rating from Augusto & Co. and a Trustees that ensures we do not break the rule the governs the Fund.

For huge funds, our correspondent banks can issue you a comfort letter pledging to hold your funds until maturity but interest rates for pledged funds will differ from the usual GDL rates.

How can I be sure my funds are safe with GDL?


GDL is regulated by SEC and fully registered under the regulation of the financial institution. We have professionals managing funds under our management in strict compliance with laid down policies and procedures.

We are a conservative institution we do not take excessive risk, we carry out proper research before we invest in investment instruments.

How do I get Started?


Visit the GDL Home Page at gdl.com.ng and click the "Get Started" button to Get Started.

Why should I come to GDL rather than take my funds to the Bank?


With GDL you enjoy a one on one personalized treatment, our customers receive immediate

resolution and attention to their enquiries, queries and concerns. Top of the notch service delivery.

Our interest rates are also higher than commercial banks rates.

Are Non Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) allowed to receive and place funds for investors?


We are a licensed and regulated Asset/Fund management Company, so by law we can receive funds on behalf of our client and invest same on behalf of our client in very safe and profitable investment vehicles.

Are you a regulated company?


We are regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

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