High Yield Note

High Interest Rate + Low Risk = The Perfect Investment


Don’t take on that big project alone; get a loan.

Dollar Note

What’s better than making money? Making it in dollars!

GDL Canary Fund

Let your money speak for you.

Money Market Fund

Cruise your way to financial freedom with as little as ₦10,000


Member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Transgenerational Program

Build Wealth for Generations

Long Term Note

Play the long game, invest for the future

GDL Income Fund

There's no cap to your income growth

Dollar Note

Dollar Note

What’s better than making money? Making it in dollars!

Invest in our dollar note and earn all your dividends in dollars. We put your money to work for an agreed amount of time and pay dividends when due.


This is a great opportunity to invest money in another currency and it is open to everyone irrespective of age and location.

Investment begins with a minimum of 100,000.

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